the company

casaral provides consultation services exclusively to the health and fitness industry. our goal is to empower you with the tools and information you need to be successful with the start-up or expansion of your fitness club. we pride ourselves in our heavyweight approach to consulting because it's about results. from start to finish, we never lose sight of our objectives of exercising strategy for improved business performance.

by offering our clients guidance based on first-hand industry experience, we are able to provide complete, custom tailored and economically sound solutions to meet any challenge. after all, we understand that few fitness club developers or owner/operators can do it all themselves, especially as the practice of business becomes more complex and competition fiercer. so if you need help, call on casaral for advice. we have the inside edge to get you to the top!

the founder

michael s. levy, the director of casaral consulting, is big on success and brings a 30 year track record of proven accomplishments in the health and fitness industry to prove it. as ceo and founder of the sports clubs of canada, michael successfully built a group of sports, health and fitness clubs from infancy until the sale to a multi-national company. from nurturing relationships with investors to recognizing talent that enables a sophisticated management system to function flawlessly, resulted in the scc being recognized as one of the ten best sports club companies in the 1980's. later, he brought his disciplined 'no nonsense' approach to leadership to btf canada corporation and bally total fitness. in his role as president of btf canada corporation, michael was responsible for the overall direction and operation of an extensive network of clubs of which, he nearly doubled in less than two years. he further extended his expertise and went on to hold several positions within the bally total fitness enterprise as regional vice president of development in chicago, illinois, along with regional vice president of development of new capital markets and franchising abroad.